There was a brief about the live project at Vue cinema today. The presentation was mainly about the minions as a soul, which was not what I had expected. I felt blank because there was no specific subject that we were given to start as the inspiration other than the minion's spirits itself. The keywords we were given seemed very vague to me, so I am thinking of what subject I should choose as the starting point, such as the banana, which minions love.


Searching for the concept I want to study about, I went to the library and started looking for the keywords such as 'fruits' and  'bananas.' There were some books about how bananas are very bad for the environment, but i thought there were not much information about it in images, and I did not feel very connected to the subject. so i decided just to focus onto the banana itself (visually) and approach it, searching for the microscopic images of the banana peel.


I worked on collages that were inspired by the microscopic images of the banana peels using ropes I got from the hardware store and bubble wraps. My main inspiration did not have enough research, but i felt stuck in the development process because my physical condition was very bad.


I mainly created collages on dancers, especially pole dancers because i thought this project was intended to be worn by dance/circus performers, according to the tutors. so i thought the outcome of the project should be practical and easily worn, while it has to present the body movement well. So i decided to start the design where the human body in dancing movements is the base.


My initial idea for unit 7 was to proceed my project in a way where I would investigate about the color of the sky, which changes according to the time change of the day. Also, I wanted to incorporate that concept with the city structures. However, I thought it was not as an interesting topic to me, so I wanted to change it. i did not get a tutorial nor got any feedback about the project because i was ill and could not attend class today.


In Paris, I saw many armed policemen because of the recent terror. That time, I felt that uniforms are worn when needed, and the main purposes are to serve purposes. In this case, it was for protection.


I did research in the library. There were not many books about rave culture than I had thought. So I focused on to searching information and images about work wear, uniforms and functional clothing for jobs. I also searched books that contained psychedelic style posters.


I searched up images and old photos that I took when I used to stay back in Shanghai and Seoul. Then I also edited photos that I took while doing research and printed them out to do collages because they are personally relevant as well as showing the city vibe.


In order to get more inspiration and research, I went to the CSM library and searched up 80s-90s menswear magazines. Among the magazine pages, I found some images of over-made-up women, which seemed to suit the party look. Also, when I searched up books about rave culture, I only got books that were poster collections with acid visuals. I expected some real party photography results, but there were not much information about those. Also, i had an illustration workshop with john. i was always afraid of drawing fashion illustrations because i thought it was very different with fine art painting or drawings. however, i tried to make mix media samples, which i used then to collage with drawing the face, hair then the full body. i think drawing such illustrations in small portions, then extending it to the full body, then making my own template in a few poses was helpful and new. also drawing it outside of the sketchbook first made me easier to consider the composition and layout in the sketchbook. the workshop helped me to gain a bit of confidence in drawing illustrations. however, i still feel i need more practice to draw illustrations.


Today, I went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum at South Kensington. I was very impressed of McQueen's tailoring and thought it is such an important base for fashion design. I could tell his pattern-making was a result of a lot of experience and practice since it looked so delicate yet accurate. So, i was inspired to practice pattern-making. I feel that especially in menswear, tailoring is very important, even more than designing womenswear. Also, McQueen showed unprecedented ideas such as how his shows looked as if it was a performance (far more than just simply a fashion show where the models just walk and show off the clothes). After the exhibition, I thought how much his unfortunate death at a young age was a big loss in creativity compared to supposing he was still alive. i really enjoyed the exhibition overall, it was a very inspirational time!


I went to the Lisson gallery today, to see Anish Kapoor's works. His pieces were very direct and I felt the selection of materials was very important. Although I felt that his works exhibited a very direct message, such as how he expressed violence by an obvious display of bones and flesh using silicon and paint, it is not necessarily bad to be obvious because that always depend on the artist's intentions.


I went to the Tate Modern today, in order to see the marlene dumas exhibition. it was not actually my type of art, in which i thought, was not very touching, personally. more than the exhibition, i found the short out-of-london drive with my friend was more inspirational, where i got the chance to feel the easter break. during our drive, we suddenly saw a temporary amusement park called 'fun fair' and i had the chance to ride one of the many machines (which looked the scariest to ride). when we had a good break out of london for several hours like so, and then had to reluctantly come back, i felt like it was another kind of the midnight vibe i am intending in this project. for me and my friend, it was a back-to-home period after all the craziness we would not experience in daily life. it was a de-stress session, although short, such as going out to clubs and bars on weekend nights. it felt like a shorter trip on our way back, which was strangely, but accurately what I feel after clubbing on weekends. after i feel the perfect freedom is over, there is this weird emptiness i feel. it was funny to experience the same feeling during sunset, when it was not even midnight or early morning.


I had a tutorial with Chris today. I was given feedback that did not have enough research and because I did a lot of collages, all I had were mood boards and not the actual project. I need more development with the elements in the mood board. He wanted me to choose between the police uniform or street cleaner uniform, and study more deeply into such elements. Now in my sketchbook pages, the images are kind of all over the place such as in my mood board for the club scenes, some of them were from the 60s, 80s, and recent.  Also, I need more study in the party people in a specific time period. So I am thinking of doing more researching in the elements of 80-90's rave culture and the police uniform, particularly in pockets. After I went back home, I changed some images in my mood boards so they were all from the 80-90s and did more study of pockets of police uniforms.


I did illustrations using collages and textile samples. Also, I started pattern-making in the most basic form with calico. Along with the basic pattern, I tried making pockets on it, then experimented with where I shall locate them.


I was ready with my garment and styling for the photoshoot, so that turned out successfully. We tried out two different shoes and tried tying and untying a shirt on the waist.


I got the final photo and so I edited it, controlling the color vibrancy for my garment. Then I erased the footprints. Chris recommended me to brighten the photo more, so I decided to do that and print it out full bleed, matte a1 paper.